The Charismatic City and the Public Resurgence of Religion: by N. Wariboko

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By N. Wariboko

Robust and interrelated transnational cultural expressions mark our epoch, Charismatic spirituality and international urban. This publication demonstrates how those forces can be utilized to notify moral layout of towns and their universal social lives to most sensible aid human flourishing, spirituality, and social and ecological health in their citizens.

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Besides, God’s Spirit cannot be captured to legitimize political institutions, state governance, sacralized nations, or personal opinion. Take, for instance, the flow of spiritual energy in pentecostal churches that was described earlier. The flow is not wedded to the model of the nation-state, and the participants are not called into it on the basis of I n t r o d u ct i on 11 intrinsic biological, ethnic, or racial identity. The God they enthusiastically encounter is not conceived as confined to any given place, sacred location, or time.

He argues that existential spatiality I n t r o d u ct i on 17 is the first principle of human life or consciousness. ”32 Or as Edward Soja puts it: Objectification, the primal setting at a distance, relates to what Sartre calls “nothingness,” the physical cleavage between subjective consciousness and the world of objects that is necessary for being to be differentiated in the first place, for being to be conscious of its humanity. In this essential act, this original spatialization, human consciousness is born (although borne may just be appropriate).

So the Pentecostals are also daily negotiating the ethos of the secular age. Furthermore, Ile-Ife is well influenced and linked with globalization and the modern means of communication. The traditional religion of the city has become a world religion and part of the worldwide resurgence of religions. Thus, Pentecostals in Ile-Ife are also card-carrying members of the intercalated Charismatic City. If Stackhouse is the griot, jeli, that takes us through the ground story of the Charismatic City in chapter 2, and Olupona informs us of the vibrancy of the Sacred City in our era in chapter 3, then Harvey Cox who wrote the bestselling The Secular City in 1965 will guide us through the ways in which Pentecostals are inhabiting the Secular City all over the world in chapter 4 (“Fire from Heaven: Pentecostals in the Secular City”).

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