Murder in the Name of Allah by Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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By Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Homicide within the identify of Allah is the 1st translation into English of Mazhab Ke Nam consistent with Khoon, a re-affirmation of the fundamental tenets of Islam.

Hardly an afternoon passes on which an Islamic occasion doesn't make headlines. The president of a Muslim state is assassinated by way of the supporters of Muslim brotherhood; a ecu journalist is taken hostage via Islamic Jihad; a Pan-American plane is hijacked via one other Muslim team; American college professors are taken into custody via Hezbullah; passenger wearing airplanes have been slammed in to international alternate middle. The glare of 'Islamic' revolution in Iran is mirrored in the course of the flares of each gulf oil refinery.

This ebook is a reminder that the aim of any faith is the unfold of peace, tolerance and realizing. It argues that the that means of Islam—submission to the desire of God—has been gradually corrupted by means of minority components in the neighborhood. rather than spreading peace, the faith has been abused through fans and made an excuse for violence and the unfold of terror, either in and out the faith.

In confirming the real spirit of Islam, it makes the purpose to fans of all religions that the way forward for mankind will depend on the intrinsic values of affection, tolerance, and freedom of sense of right and wrong and of trust.

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Undoubtedly a response to the 1857 rebellion, the three presidencies lost all political autonomy and were unified under a single judicial code. 1 The period following the Rebellion also marked a phase in which practices of colonial knowledge production took shape. As part of a larger concern with why the Rebellion took place, the colonial state initiated detailed studies of Indian society. 2 Although the Aga Khan Case of 1866 occurred just before the fi rst census, Justice Arnould’s discussion in the fi nal judgment reveals an identical emphasis on anthropological classification and knowledge production.

The population will join and the disaffected persons will not delay to surrender themselves. In case you should object, you are at peace with Persia and I beg to inform you that it is known in that Country that I have friends in Turkestan, Budukshan, Cabool, and Hindus too. Allow me to assemble a body of men and having been joined by these in Persia, take that kingdom—I will proceed to conquer it by the seaports, Kerman, Fars, Bum, and Listan. If you think this plan of mine is advisable you must lend assistance in some way or another, that I may prepare myself to take the Country and after this is done all Persia will be attached to the British Government.

In order to justify their contention that the Aga Khan should not be involved in Khoja community affairs, the plaintiffs attempted to delineate religious differences between themselves Sectarian Showdown in the Aga Khan Case of 1866 • 38 and the Aga Khan. —entered the debate as a strategic move on the part of the plaintiffs. They argued that the Khojas were and had always been Sunni in order to provide grounds to exclude the Aga Khan—according to their argument, a Shi’a—from the caste affairs of the Khojas.

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