Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain by Luigi Stecco

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By Luigi Stecco

Few books in attaining the fond hopes in their authors and their admireres. this is often only one that succeeds, creating a real and profound contribution to the fields of biomechanics, orthopedics and rehabilitation.

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On the sagittal plane the anterior musculature remained connected to the posterior musculature by means of the deep sheet of the thoracolumbar fas­ cia, which separates the erector spinae from the iliopsoas muscle. A second sheet, the transverse fascia, connects the rectus abdominalis to the embryonic hypaxial muscular mass, the iliopsoas (Figure 26 8). • units in order to accelerate movement. In this way the identical metamerism of the anellida became divided into two perfectly symmetrical halves, as already found in the cephalochordates2o.

Amonoo­ Kuofi A, 1982) 31 In the Lampetra japonica the lateral aspect of the myotome is covered by a layer of flattened cells, and the other aspect is covered by an external lamina, which does not extend into the intercellular space between adjacent cells within a myotome. A bundle of thin axons was found in a depression at the middle of the medial edge of each muscle lamella of the myotome and a neuromuscular junction was formed here. No nerve endings were found at the ends of the myosepta or at the lateral borders of the muscle lamellae.

The flexor fibres of the cubitus (elbow) that, for example, intervene when the arm is extended cannot be the same as those that act when the arm is almost fully flexed61. As the joint angle changes so does the activation of the hundreds of muscle fibres that make up a motor unit (Figure 32, B). This is made possible due to the fact that the Gto spiral connected to some muscle fibres winds up while the Gto collagen spiral of other muscle fibres unwinds. This determines the inhibition of some muscle fibres whilst allowing other muscle fibres of the same motor unit to contract.

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