Allergens and respiratory pollutants: The role of innate by Marc A. Williams

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By Marc A. Williams

Pt. 1. floor amendment options -- pt. 2. Analytical recommendations and functions

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14 Karnovsky ML. (1981). Metchnikoff in Messina: a century of studies on phagocytosis. N Engl J Med 304: 1178–80. 15 Tauber AI. (1992). The birth of immunology. III. The fate of the phagocytosis theory.

2) We found that deletion of MyD88 almost completely abolished the APM stimulated and dose-dependent secretion of IL-12p70 and IL-6 while the secretion of TNF-α was only marginally dampened in MyD88 knockout DC on stimulation by APM. (2) These data were interesting as they implied An introduction to allergic inflammation 21 an MyD88-independent pathway of enhanced TNF-α secretion in response to APM. By contrast, the cell surface expression of the co-stimulatory molecule CD80 as well as MHC class II expression were actually enhanced in MyD88 knockouts on activation by APM.

Dendritic cells are anatomically ideally located to sense and respond to the exogenous “respirable” environment. Though there are many other structural and immune cells distributed throughout the lung architecture, cells that constitute the pulmonary innate immune system including basophils, mast cells, neutrophils, natural killer (NK) cells, NKT cells, airway epithelial cells in addition to specialized DC subsets all play key roles in protective host immune responses and allergic An introduction to allergic inflammation 9 inflammation.

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