Against the Third Reich - Paul Tillich's Wartime Radio by Paul Tillich

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By Paul Tillich

Paul Tillich, one of many maximum Protestant theologians of recent instances, wrote a couple of hundred radio addresses that have been braodcast into Nazi Germany from March 1942 via may perhaps 1944. The publicizes have been passionate and political--urging Germans to acknowledge the horror of Hitler and to reject a morally and spiritually bankrupt executive. Laregly unknown within the usa, the declares were translated into English for the 1st time, and nearly half them are provided during this publication.

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In supporting this defense, are not the German people standing on the side of the aggressor? Every German must pose this question to himself. Every German, all who are wavering, fearfuL divided, all who stand partly for the National Socialists, partly against them, must now decide. They all must ask themselves: do we want to go to the rampart behind which the National Socialists are entrenching themselves? Do we want to commit further crimes of oppression together with them, or at least cover them up through silence?

All the more should you, the ones who stand for its truth, elaborate its political significance and contribute to it, in order that the German people may at last reach political maturity, to which it, like all nations, is entitled. Another reason for the political immaturity of the German nation is the escape of its spiritual leaders into the inwardness of the heart from the external realm of political action. When the freedom struggle of the French burghers shook the old order of domination and servitude, even the German poets and thinkers were most deeply moved.

The captivity of the critical mind under the National Socialist dictatorship has made the bondage that the German mind has always cherished so frightful and so inescapable that even the eyes of the most blind are being opened. Something remarkable has taken place: the bearers of the intellect, who, half without knowledge and will, had sold themselves to the powers of the German middle class, have been sold again by these to the powers of National Socialism. And the new masters, as frequently happens to the slaves, are a thousand times worse than the old.

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