A New Politics of Identity: Political Principles for an by Bhikhu Parekh

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By Bhikhu Parekh

Identification , tradition and discussion pursues a few of the very important concerns raised within the author's Rethinking Multiculturalism focusing specifically on their outcomes for international politics. In it Bhikhu Parekh develops a thought of identification that mixes recognize for range with a dedication to redistributive justice and rationality and applies this thought to more than a few key present debates on nationwide identification, nationalism, fundamentalism and terrorism taking off the case for discussion, worldwide citizenship, and a number of ethics in the framework of a shared worldwide morality.

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The price of goods and When this services through the improved efficiency touted by the advocates of free-market forces, the effect benign. But when toward tendency lowers may be corporations and governments lower costs reducing environmental protection, wages, 19 by salaries, health care. Global Village and education, the result o^- Global Pillage can be malignant —a "downward level- ing" of environmental, labor, and social conditions. Farmers, workers, consumers, and citizens threatened by- downward leveling have long organized themselves locally and nationally to resist malignant effects of competition.

Costs below the others. astrous "race to the bottom" in fall Downward leveling is in part an unintended consequence of millions of unconnected decisions made by businesses pursuing their private interests. But individuals it is and also a deliber- Introduction ate policy objective of global corporations, which have sought to impose a "Corporate Agenda" on local and national governments and international institutions. This Corporate Agenda aims to reduce all barriers to downward leveling of environmental, labor, and social costs.

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