A Measure of Blood (Richard Christie, Book 7) by Kathleen George

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By Kathleen George

A homicide sends a baby into foster care and drags a detective right into a feverish hunt for justice

Nadal watches for weeks sooner than he first methods the boy. it doesn't matter what Maggie Brown says, he’s yes Matt is his son, and a boy may still understand his father. After their first disagreement, Maggie must have run. She must have hidden her baby. yet she underestimated the fellow who used to be her lover. With self-righteous decision, Nadal is going to her apartment. He calls for to spend time with the boy. whilst she refuses, he reaches for a knife.

By the time murder detective Richard Christie arrives at the scene, all that is still of Maggie Brown is a bloodstain at the flooring. The killer has vanished, and Matt is just too scared to recollect whatever yet his mother’s worry. As Christie seems to be for the killer and Maggie’s neighbors struggle to maintain Matt out of the palms of kid providers, Nadal watches the scoop and waits. A boy could be along with his father. He’s going to get his son.

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