A God of One's Own: Religion's Capacity for Peace and by Ulrich Beck

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By Ulrich Beck

Faith posits one attribute as an absolute: religion. in comparison to religion, all different social differences and assets of clash are insignificant. the recent testomony says: ‘We are all equivalent within the sight of God'. to make certain, this equality applies in simple terms to people who recognize God's life. What this implies is that along the abolition of sophistication and kingdom in the neighborhood of believers, faith introduces a brand new primary contrast into the area the excellence among the proper of believers and the inaccurate sort. hence brazenly or tacitly, faith brings with it the demonization of believers in different faiths.

The crucial query that would come to a decision the continuing lifestyles of humanity is that this: How will we conceive of one of those inter-religious tolerance within which loving one's neighbor doesn't mean warfare to the loss of life, one of those tolerance whose objective isn't fact yet peace?

Is what we're experiencing at the present a regression of monotheistic faith to a polytheism of the spiritual spirit below the heading of ‘a God of one's own'? In Western societies, the place the autonomy of the person has been internalized, person humans are likely to consider more and more at liberty to inform themselves little religion tales that healthy their very own lives to nominate ‘Gods in their own'. notwithstanding, this God of
their personal isn't any longer the only and purely God who presides over salvation by way of seizing regulate of heritage and empowering his fans to be illiberal and use bare force.

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What then is the meaning of a ‘post-secular’ modernity in Europe? In the fi nal analysis, its meaning lies in the desire to uncouple modernity and Westernization and to withdraw from the West its monopoly of modernity. of its institutions is never under threat. This became clear even in the presidential election of 2008. Paradoxically, the religious messianism of the Bush Administration quite unintentionally unleashed something that had been inconceivable even a short time previously: a counter-wave of liberalization (which had long been a term of abuse in American politics).

Even the separation of church and state, which was written into the First Amendment of the Constitution, is just as concerned to protect the free exercise of religious belief from state intervention as it is to protect the state from the encroachments of religion. Nor should it be forgotten that the American experience really does constitute an exception. No other modern society has a population in whom belief is so strong, but which also clings to the separation of church and state. Its political rhetoric is always messianic but the legitimation The Return of the Gods 21 constructed as the triumphal emancipation of rationality and liberty from the worldly aggrandizements and bigotry of the religions.

It is the simple signs – bread, wine, light, colour, a shared meal – that unleash this magnetic force. As interpretations of our existence, they have grown up, acquired their shape and become dense with meaning over thousands of years. They are images that require no explanation to grip us with mystical power. The Pope’s sermons are simple tales, not complicated theories. A man went forth from Nazareth two thousand years ago, told stories, and performed symbolic actions. This experience is handed down from generation to generation.

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