A ABS algorithm for solving singular nonlinear system with by Rendong G., Zunquan x., Jinzhi W.

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By Rendong G., Zunquan x., Jinzhi W.

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But is equal to zero for all q > 0. )also belongs to the sector [O, 11. 37 Nonlinear Control of Feedforward Systems 1 s a { z E IWP : a+(-Kz) = O} E S 4{ z E or = { z E RP : I

E. J J’ 5 0). 51) is globally asymptotically stabilizable by dynamic output feedback, as illustrated in the following proposition. ) such that Assumptions (A2) and (C2) hold. Assume that the pair { J I 1H } is controllable and the pair { K ,J } is observable. 52) is globally asymptotically (locally exponentially) stable. e. 17) with H = Hr and R = 0, and the nonlinear feedback u = - a ( K z ) . Hence, G. Kaliora and A . 2. 36) with a quantized saturation function u4(s)(top graphs) and with a quantized control law with hysteresis (bottom graphs).

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