6 Rules Every Man Must Break by Bill Perkins

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By Bill Perkins

With startling frankness, invoice Perkins bargains life-changing knowledge to aid males locate real freedom in Christ. Perkins shatters six man-made principles that sound stable at the outdoor, yet usually maintain males from achieving their complete power. He exhibits how breaking those taboos should help separate from to turn into the guy that God created you to be.

  • The Rule of Passivity: by no means Get In a Fight
  • The Rule of enjoying it secure: by no means danger It All
  • The Rule of Perseverance: by no means supply Up
  • The Rule of Independence: by no means Ask For Help
  • The Rule of Restraint: by no means Lose Your Cool
  • The Rule of Impressing Others: by no means glance silly
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    6 Rules Every Man Must Break

    With startling frankness, invoice Perkins bargains life-changing knowledge to aid males locate actual freedom in Christ. Perkins shatters six man-made ideas that sound stable at the outdoors, yet frequently continue males from achieving their complete capability. He indicates how breaking those taboos may also help cut loose to develop into the guy that God created you to be.

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    Day after day she pleaded with me. Day after day I resisted. Finally, in a weakened state of mind I said, “Okay. ” She smiled—knowing she had won. I smiled—knowing I had won. ” “Not in my home,” she said. I said okay and went back to work. ” “Not if it’s properly ventilated,” I said. Cindy got her home and I got my cigar room. And I’m pleased to tell you that I have smoked cigars in that room and enjoyed a glass of wine with some great Christian guys. In fact, some of them are Christian leaders who keep their cigar smoking and wine drinking in the closet.

    I tried to think of something cool to say, but couldn’t. ” As I climbed in my car, I could identify with that pastor’s fear. I remembered an experience I had over fifteen years ago in an upscale restaurant in Lake Oswego, Oregon, the city where I lived and was pastoring a church at the time. As I looked around at the people enjoying lunch, I asked myself, How many of these people would I feel comfortable inviting to my church? I concluded I wouldn’t ask any of them. Why? Because I didn’t think the church culture would provide a safe point of entry for them.

    Its main purpose was to support the Levitical priesthood. The Levites ministered to the people and were prohibited from owning land, which limited their earning potential. God wanted their support to come from those to whom they ministered, much like the direction of Scripture for the church today (see 1 Corinthians 9:1-16 and Galatians 6:6). Furthermore, it surprises many people to learn that the New Testament contains not a single word commanding or even suggesting that followers of Christ should tithe.

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