50 Days Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz

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By Justin Racz

We've all had undesirable days: misplaced our keys, damaged a nail, ignored a teach. a few days, besides the fact that, are a lot worse than others, as Justin Racz proves during this hilarious new addition to the wreck hit Worse Than Yours sequence. amassing fifty of the main memorable "bad days," this outrageous ebook catalogs every thing from the day-by-day ("First grey hair noticed") to the mythical ("Eve eats apple"), from the general public ("New York urban sanitation strike") to the painfully inner most ("Ricky will get atomic wedgie, 1976"). An encouraged and entirely illustrated testomony to schadenfreude, 50 Days Worse than Yours proves that not anything is as common as anguish. even if you are a child ("Picked final in gym-again"), a brand new mum or dad ("Barney invented"), or dealing with down heart age ("AARP card arrives"), you will be bound to locate a few convenience during this riotous compilation of items long past unsuitable. in the end, it can were a lot, a lot worse... Justin Racz is the writer of fifty Boyfriends Worse Than Yours, 50 kinfolk Worse Than...

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First Day Back at the Gym 46. Rabies Vaccination Day 47. Nonagenarian Renews Driver's License 48. Fastball in the Nuts 49. Thanksgiving at the In-laws' 50. Your Last Day 51. Your Day 1. Adam and Eve Eat Apple According to Genesis, Eve wanders from Adam and is tempted by Lucifer, in the form of a serpent, who seduces Eve into tasting the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. God. It was delicious. Only expulsion from Eden, original sin, mortality—no big deal. When God says don't eat, don't eat.

Sony Studios in Culver City, California. Loss of winnings, dignity, and even the second-place consolation prize, a ride on a blimp. Can be worked into casual conversation on first dates to imply intelligence and invoke pity. Your prize is the home edition of Jeopardy. One moment you're playing on national TV, the next you're playing at home against your ten-year-old niece, and she beats you, too. 20. Tattoo Typo Hmm, your name isn't Brain. And you're not that smart, either. The new tattoo was really sore for the first two weeks.

M. Violin Practice 7. Shark Bite 8. Lost the Spelling Bee 9. Ran Out of Ketchup 10. Bridesmaid, Yet Again 1 1. Bought Titanic Tickets 12. Not This Dog's Day 13. Birthmas 14. AARP Card Arrives 15. Jury Duty 16. Getting Whacked 17. Ousted from Clique 18. Valentine-less Day 19. Jeopardy Loser 20. Tattoo Typo 21. Bank Hostage 22. Colonoscopy 23. Broke a Nail 24. Judgment Day 25. Pimple on Prom Night 26. Forgot Permission Slip 27. Saturday at the Water Park 28. 19/Gallon 29. 69/Grande 30. Suntan 360° 31.

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